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SPGRF crytal tolerance

Question asked by szabo.laszlo on Apr 4, 2016
Dear Madam, Sir,

Would You inform me about the type of crystal what SPSGRF board uses.

I have developed and manufactured 250pcs Spirit1 boards with this crystals.

All my boards with my radio able to communicate to each other using FC_OFFSET1 = 0 and FC_OFFSET0 = 0 value. But those boards which area mounted the buyed SPGRS can't communicate with my radios. I know a can tune syntesizer of SPSGRF boards to my requirement.

Can You garantee that the your SPSGRF boards will mounted the same crystal in the future? 

Need I check all buyed SPGRS modul crystal tolerance during manufacturing process all the time in all modul?
Thank Your answare in advance  


My radio params are

#define XTAL_OFFSET_PPM                 
#define CHANNEL_SPACE                    250000
#define MODULATION_SELECT          GFSK_BT05        
#define DATARATE                              250000            
#define FREQ_DEVIATION                      DATARATE/4       
#define BANDWIDTH                             DATARATE *12/10