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STM32427 with CubeMX

Question asked by White.John on May 23, 2015
Latest reply on May 28, 2015 by White.John
I have a board with a 32 bit SRAM and have used CubeMX to configure a 32 bit data bus, a 10 bit Address bus with a Chip select of NE1.
Briefly, Cube has produced the MX_FMC_Init(); file with settings as follows:-
hsram1.Init.NSBank = FMC_NORSRAM_BANK1;
also ..... MEM_BUS_WIDTH_32 etc.
I have used HAL_SRAM_Write_32b( &hsram1, &pAddress, pScrBuffer, 0x100);
In a loop but does not produce any Chip Selects or Write pulses.
I have also used    *(__IO uint32_t *) 0x60000000 = 0xAAAAAAAA;
In a loop but once again no pulses. I believe that 0x60000000 is the correct address for FMC_NE1 as this is the first Sub Bank of BANK1 of the NOR/PSRAM1 config.

Any help would be grateful.