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Fatfs write problem

Question asked by satour.abou on May 21, 2015
Latest reply on May 21, 2015 by Clive One
I use STM3210e-eval.
I want to implement Fatfs for the SDcard (using SDIO interface)
Thats work !
I can create a file or a directory, read a file, write in the file, delete file, rename file.

the problem is that: when I want to write multiples line in the file. Just one line is written in the file then the system go in the infinite loop of Default_Handler !!

to write multiples line, I tried this two methods (one using f_pritnf and the other using f_write):
1) "in a loop"
res = f_mount(0, &Fatfs);
res = f_open(&Filsd, "0:LOG.TXT", FA_WRITE | FA_OPEN_ALWAYS);

f_printf(&FilSD, "ABCD\n");

f_mount(0, NULL);

2) " in a loop"
writeTextBuff[]= "ABCD\n"

res = f_mount(0, &Fatfs);
res = f_open(&Filsd, "0:LOG.TXT", FA_WRITE | FA_OPEN_ALWAYS);

res = f_lseek(&Filsd, f_size(&Filsd));
bytesToWrite =sizeof(writeTextBuff) - 1;
res = f_write(&Filsd,writeTextBuff,bytesToWrite, &bytesWritten );

f_mount(0, NULL);

this first time, the code is executed normally, but the second loop the system go in Default_Handler at f_printf in method 1. and at f_lseek in method 2

Any Help please ?
Thank you