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HAL_I2C_Slave_Receive_IT Abort

Question asked by Joppe on May 21, 2015

I'm using the CubeMXF1 Library for the STM32F103 to act as a I2C slave. This slave is usually in Slave Receive Mode. The I2C master is signaled trough a interrupt pin that the slave wants to send something. How can I abort the Slave Receive function so the I2C peripheral won't be busy anymore and is ready to go to Slave Send mode?


I can give some insight in how I fix this now. Normally when I receive something I will put the I2C peripheral back in receive mode. I quick fix now is to not do that check if I need to send something if so sent it otherwise go to receive mode. But this is not a desired situation. I would like to sent something the moment I want to. I do not want to wait for a I2C Receive interrupt first.