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STM32 crypto library

Question asked by johansen.brian on May 19, 2015
Latest reply on May 19, 2015 by johansen.brian
I am trying out some examples of the crypto library from ST, but its not working the way it should.

If I try the AES-CBC192 examples on a STM32F107 (STM3210C eval board),
I can verify that the encrypted cipher text is correct, but after decrypting
it does not entirely match the plain text (13 bytes in the middle, are wrong).


I have tested using IAR V6.70 and V7.10.
As the STM32F107 does not have any crypto hw, the computation is all done in sw, so I am also surprised that running the code in the simulator yields a totally different result (where even the encrypted result does not match the expected values) ?

Has anyone here been able to verify the examples ?

I know, this library is free from ST, but do they give support on it ?