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Blinking LED

Question asked by mamatsis.panagiotis on May 15, 2015
Latest reply on May 15, 2015 by mamatsis.panagiotis
Hello everyone,
   i would like to ask for your knowledge. I am new in Cortex programming (my only experience is on Adruino platform) and i have managed to blink the LEDs on my Cortex device (it's an STM32 conStick from HiTex using the STM32F107VC micro controller) but there is something i cannot quite understand. My question is why since we just want to blink a LED we need to setup the clock on the GPIO port ?

I can understand that the LED is just one of the pins that belong to the same GPIO port but since i am using only the LED why the chip does not allow me to just enable it through RCC and forget about the clock ?

I know that my question might be dump but please bear with me...i am trying to learn here. My background is software engineering so i am completely new (except the Arduino) in the micro controller programming.

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thank you in advance,