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SPBTLE-RF BLE Module (BlueNRG-MS) makes the Microcontroller to reset just after setting it in discoverable mode.

Question asked by KHAJAS on Mar 30, 2016

I am using SPBTLE-RF BLE Module along with X-CUBE-BLE1 sensor demo code.

The program worked successfully when run on STM32L053 Nucleo board with SPBTLR-RF module. But when we ran the X-CUBE-BLE1 code on our PCB (Which is designed based on STM32L053 Nucleo board), the microcontroller resets just after setting SPBTLR-RF  in discoverable mode. Using the following API:

aci_gap_set_discoverable(ADV_IND, 0, 0, PUBLIC_ADDR, NO_WHITE_LIST_USE,sizeof(local_name), local_name, 0, NULL, 0, 0);

It seems that the SPBTLR-RF sending a few advertising packets for few milliseconds just before the microcontroller resets.