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STM32F205 has bad bootloader from factory?

Question asked by meyers.curt on May 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2015 by meyers.curt

We have been using STM32F205VB6 in production for several years. In a recent batch we purchased a high percentage of processors the boot loader doesn't work over USB properly. We have a jumper tied to BOOT0 pin and I have verified that the voltage is correct when the device is powered up or reset, however the device never shows up over USB.

When I use JTAG to examine the state of the processor just after reset I see the follow address on the program counter:
Good Board: pc=0x0B92349E
Bad Board:   pc=0x1FFF3DE4

You can see that a bad processor is not in valid memory space.

Any ideas on how I can further interrogate the boot loader and figure out what is the problem.