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STM32F3 Auto-Wakeup problem

Question asked by rosa.luciano on May 11, 2015
Latest reply on May 12, 2015 by rosa.luciano
Hi All,
I'm studying STM32F3 Low power modes and I need to go in standby mode periodically and wake-up via RTC after n seconds (Run->standby->Run ...).
I set the RTC, the wakeup-Timer-IT, I do something in main loop and after these actions I call the standby mode. The system goes in standby and after n seconds, wakeup itself but code doesn't seems to run correctly (it look to be freeze)
I feel that there is a miss any flag to be reset.

For a moment I left auto-wakeup and I try to wakeup with wakeup-pin 1. System works perfectly