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CAN RX Interrupt stops working; TX continues to function

Question asked by dufrane.marcus on May 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by Dostalek.Michal
I'm trying to figure out a strange behavior on an STM32F302xB. The application communicates through CAN and for the most part functions correctly. The application was initially set up using the ST Cube application.

The problem occurs after about 5 minutes of run time. It appears that the USB_LP_CAN_RX0_IRQHandler ceases to fire while CAN traffic is surely coming in. 

My initial debugging tries included verifying that the TX interrupt was still working; it is. I then tried to see if the RX interrupt was just getting turned off. I monitored the NVIC Set and Clear registers as well as the NVIC_DisableIRQ function to no avail. The interrupt doesn't appear to have been disabled.

Can anyone provide me with any other avenues of debugging? Is there something in the CAN peripheral I'm not seeing that would cause the interrupt to stop?