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Question asked by chuckm on May 7, 2015
Latest reply on May 24, 2015 by tag.aseok
Hi ---

I'm adapting working code from the STM32F407 Discovery platform to a custom board using the STM32F437. The process has been going well but I am having a problem with the DCMI. 

The control (I2C) channel works fine and I can read/write camera registers. 

In hardware I can see the HSYNC, VSYNC, PCLK, and data lines toggling correctly. I can also see these pins moving in the debugger. 

However, the DCMI controller never reports a LINE_RIS nor VSYNC_RIS raw interrupt (as it does on the STM32F407).

The HCLK is 144 MHz for both boards and is much faster than the camera's PCLK.

I've check the AF setting (all the DCMI pins are using AF13). 

In may be important to know that I'm using PH8 for HSYNC, PI5 for VSYNC, and PA6 for VCLK. These are different pins than are used for the STM32F407.

I noticed in the datasheet for the STM32F437 that the HSYNC and VSYNC are available on multiple pins. Is it correct to assume that I can use any of these and that only the one I have chosen is actually mapped to the DCMI? I expect this must be the case, but it is acting as if the AF map is not being enforced or that the DCMI is taking these signals from another source.

I was hopeful for errata on this issue, but didn't see any mention of a datasheet error or omission.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. If configuration code would be helpful, I am happy to provide.