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New to STM32 and ARM. Looking for toolchain recommendations.

Question asked by este on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on May 10, 2015 by Pac-Man
My list of options I've worked out are IAR, Keil, Rowley, (maybe DS5 or others?)

* ONE MAN TEAM... this is important. I have to personally be able to keep every aspect straight. I'm planning on hiring another guy in my department, but it'll likely be a student with zero low level knowledge
* There are other options, but large userbase and support are very important factors.
* The costs are absolutely third or fourth considered aspects. I've brought in a LOT in product revenue, so I can justify anything I feel like the value is there for.
* CMSIS or Not, I don't know. I'm a very low level guy, but porting is a nice idea if it works.
* STM32Cube seems to be an interface that still works with other toolchains (I think), do a lot of you guys use it?
* My huge annoyance with PIC was that I was stuck with marginal toolchains, I want to move to ARM to have options, but I'd really like to make the "right" choices the first go around, I realize things like IAR vs Keil are preference, but if anyone can dumb it down I'd appreciate that.
* Pretty well sold on the STM32 series, huge variety and I can get a 20-pin single can, a mid-range dual can, or high end. Very pleased there. Is there anything STM32 aren't great at compared to other vendors?
* I have yet to work with an RTOS, but it's an eventuality as project size is growing. I can't do this all on my own without stepping up a level. So, that's also playing into my toolchain choices.

Any advice or recommendations would be welcome. Thanks!