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STM32L152-EVAL DFU example

Question asked by c.aodhan on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2015 by c.aodhan
Hi All, 

I am attempting to update my STM32L152 board over USB using the DFU driver (STM32_USB-FS-Device_Lib_V4.0.0).

I generated a .dfu file using "DFU file Manager" and the supplied binary_template project. I left all options as default when creating the image.

I then uploaded the DFU example project to my board. Held the joystick in the up position and reset the board. Windows detects my board as a "STM Device in DFU mode" correctly.

I then fired up "DfuSe Demo" which detects the dev board and its target memory (i.e. Internal Flash). Again I leave everything at default, choose my .hex image and hit upload. After a couple of seconds I get the message "Target 00: Upload successful!". I then click "Leave DFU mode" and power cycle my board.

However the image I expected to be loaded (a blinking LED demo) does not start! I have tested this demo separately and it works correctly if flashed using a J-LINK.

Am I missing anything?

Do the boot0 and boot1 switches need to be set in any particular configuration? (I have Boot0 =0 and Boot1 =0 which is correct for User Flash).
Does it matter if the board is powered over USB or external? (I am using external PSU).

Is it important to set the Vendor, Product and Version ID when generating the .dfu image? I have these set as default (Vendor = 0483, Product = 0000, Version = 0000) Target ID = 0, target Name = ST...