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STM32f415RG hits reset_handler (Mikroe MINI M4)

Question asked by larios.manuel on May 6, 2015
hi everyone..

I bought a MINI M4 from mikroelektronica and I decide to use KEIL 5.04 for the firmware, I ported a proyect from STM32F4DISCOVERY and it seems that it worked, i try the blinking led, push button to turn on a led, the ADC, PWM, but when i get into the debugger mode I noticed that the uC hits Reset_handler whenever he wants.

this is a problem because if I wanna use variables, such as incremental variable, when the uC hits the Reset_handler all values are losts.

I'm not a master in debugger mode, so i don't know how can I know where or why the uC it's resetting itself , the last thing before the fault is this:

 void RCC_ClearITPendingBit(uint8_t RCC_IT)
  /* Check the parameters */

  /* Perform Byte access to RCC_CIR[23:16] bits to clear the selected interrupt
     pending bits */
  *(__IO uint8_t *) CIR_BYTE3_ADDRESS = RCC_IT;

if anyone need my proyect (basic proyect) i can upload it.  but anyway, help me find the error in this uC,  again, one proyect that works excelent in STM32F4DISCOVERY,  seems to work in STM32F415 (MINI M4 for STM32 by Mikroe), but at anytime it hits Reset_hanlder.

thnks in advanced!


This is the exact moment of the reset_handler: