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Bootloader Jump failing going to Usage Handler Fault

Question asked by holey.gaurav on May 5, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by Majerle.Tilen
Dear All,

I am writing STM32F105 based bootloader. I am able to write the Application File contents to the Flash Application Area. But the Jump to Application is failing; I am getting following Errors:

1. Usage Fault Handler/ Hard Fault
2. Unknown Handler
3. CSTACK  going outside Range
@ => _set_MSP(....) my CSTACK is going haywired....

Before Jumping to application I am doing following things:
1. Disable Interrupts
2. Set the Jump Address
3. Setting MSP
4. Going to Privilege Mode (asm instruction)
5. Changing MSP to PSP for Application jump (asm instruction)
6. Jump

My Jump Address is 0x08008000.
CSTACK is 1800
HEAP is 1400

I am using IAR Workbench/JTAG Debugging

Kindly suggest where things are going wrong.