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SPI Transmit only

Question asked by gross.marcel on May 5, 2015
Latest reply on May 6, 2015 by gross.marcel

I want use the SPI interface of the STM32F407 in transmit only mode. I tried some different solutions but it did not work. Can you tell me please which commands I have to use in the SPI Init? I can not find any options for transmit only in the HAL_Driver for SPI and in the header file for spi.

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void MX_SPI1_Init(void)

    hspi1.Instance = SPI1;
    hspi1.Init.Mode = SPI_MODE_MASTER;
    hspi1.Init.Direction = SPI_DIRECTION_1LINE;
    hspi1.Init.DataSize = SPI_DATASIZE_8BIT;
    hspi1.Init.CLKPolarity = SPI_POLARITY_LOW;
    hspi1.Init.CLKPhase = SPI_PHASE_1EDGE;
    hspi1.Init.NSS = SPI_NSS_SOFT;
    hspi1.Init.BaudRatePrescaler = SPI_BAUDRATEPRESCALER_16;
    hspi1.Init.FirstBit = SPI_FIRSTBIT_MSB;
    hspi1.Init.TIMode = SPI_TIMODE_DISABLED;
    hspi1.Init.CRCCalculation = SPI_CRCCALCULATION_DISABLED;
    hspi1.Init.CRCPolynomial = 0x1;