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STM32 HAL NAND flash library bug

Question asked by ilya.ilya.001 on May 4, 2015
I found a bug in stm32f4xx_hal_nand.c module, in "HAL_NAND_Read_Page" function!
Need to change this line: 
*(__IO uint8_t *)((uint32_t)(deviceAddress | ADDR_AREA)) = 0x00; 
to this:
 *(__IO uint8_t *)((uint32_t)(deviceAddress | CMD_AREA)) = 0x00; 

I used the K9F1G08U0D flash memory, and I need to send 2 extra address bytes first (column address) So I decided to write my own driver for K9F1G08U0D, based on stm32f4xx_hal_nand.c 
Unfortunately I copied Read function with that small issue, and I spent 2 nights to figure out the problem :)