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Interrupt priority grouping on stm32f1xx series

Question asked by khazanskii.roman on Apr 30, 2015
Latest reply on May 15, 2015 by khazanskii.roman
In programming manual (PM0056) in the description of "Application interrupt and reset control register (SCB_AIRCR)" two things are written:

1) Bits 10,9 and 8 defines PRIGROUP - they determine the split of group priority from subpriority. Later, in the table 45, all correct values of these bits are listed and they are:
0b011, 0b100, 0b101, 0b110 and 0b111.

2) Reset value of this register is said to be 0xFA05 0000 - so after reset PRIGROUP bits are all zero. And that value is not listed in the table, so it must be incorrect.

Please tell me, am I correct? And if I am, how exactly will subpriorities work after reset?