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stm32l100 MCU with ST-Link debug via SWD

Question asked by pampouktsis.demetriu on Apr 29, 2015
Hello and thanks for checking this post out. It's my first post, and I am rather lost.

I have a STM32L100RB MCU that I am trying to set up a I2C Slave up on. I am interfacing with the MCU via the ST-Link/V1 set up for SWD. I have scoured the web looking for some example template to start with or use as guidance, but haven't found anything of much help. I am also using TrueSTUDIO IDE, but wouldn't mind using STMCubeMX or Keil.

The examples I have looked at all seem to be for a eval board, and set up GPIO pins. I spent some time trying to understand how I can implement it for my project, but just fried my brain.

What I am asking for is any guidance, examples, links, or anything else you can think of.

PS -- sorry if this post is in bad form, or sound like a newbie question. It's my first post, and I am a newbie in this area.