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STM32Cube_FW_F4_V1.5.0/Projects/IS42S16400J SDRAM STM32F429I-Discovery/Examples/FMC/FMC_SDRAM/Src/main.c

Question asked by JeepersCreepers on Apr 28, 2015
We are using the same SDRAM on our board as stm32f429i-disco and my question is about
the example code - STM32F429I-Discovery/Examples/FMC/FMC_SDRAM/Src/main.c
where the initialization is only for BANK2, please confirm. 
Has anybody used and can provide the initialization for all
4 banks of IS42S16400J SDRAM ?

stm32f4xx_ll_fmc.h only provides for BANK1 and BANK2:

/** @defgroup FMC_SDRAM_Command_Target FMC SDRAM Command Target
  * @{
#define FMC_SDRAM_CMD_TARGET_BANK1_2          ((uint32_t)0x00000018)
  * @}

main.c calls the initialization :

static void SDRAM_Initialization_Sequence(SDRAM_HandleTypeDef *hsdram, FMC_SDRAM_CommandTypeDef *Command)
  __IO uint32_t tmpmrd =0;
  /* Step 3:  Configure a clock configuration enable command */
  Command->CommandMode              = FMC_SDRAM_CMD_CLK_ENABLE;
  Command->CommandTarget          = FMC_SDRAM_CMD_TARGET_BANK2;
  Command->AutoRefreshNumber      = 1;
  Command->ModeRegisterDefinition = 0;


    The 64-Mbit SDRAM is a high speed CMOS, dynamic random-access memory designed to     operate in 3.3 V memory systems containing 67,108,864 bits. it is internally configured as a     quad-bank DRAM with a synchronous interface. Each 16,777,216-bit bank is organized as     4,096 rows by 256 columns by 16 bits. The 64-Mbit SDRAM includes an AUTO REFRESH     MODE, and a power-saving, power-down mode. All signals are registered on the positive     edge of the clock signal, CLK.    


    The STM32F429ZIT6 MCU reads and writes data at 80 MHz.