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St-link Error in HEX parser

Question asked by Mate Rigo on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by Clive One
Hi folks!

I found a serious error in the ST-Link v3.6 parser.
I have a project with the gcc-arm-embedded 4.9-2014q4 toolchain.

It generates a valid intel hex file, whit the small quirk, that there is one byte address which does not hold any value. As the intel hex format is specified that every line starts with an address and the data length, I think it is safe to suppose, that this correct.

If I load this into Segger's J-flash, it shows it correctly, on the other hand ST-Link v3.6 misreads it totally, which leads to that after that address everything is shifted onto a smaller address.

See the attached picture.

For a fast fix, I am currently modifying my linker script, that everything should be padded. But still I think this is a huge bug.

edit: I added the picture here:
BTW, where can I officially post this to ST, as this is some super serious bug.
I just shipped my project to a customer, whom I advised to use Stlink for production programming, and if there hadn't been a simple code verification in the startup function, he would have had a completely malfunctioning product.