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Difference between CubeF0 and CubeF1 HAL driver

Question asked by germanovix.gabriel on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2015 by germanovix.gabriel

A few months ago I started to use HAL driver (cubeF0, F1 and F4) instead of Stdlib.

I'm trying to create generalized codes using HAL driver to take advantage of compatibility, but when I copied some functions from a F1xx chip to F0xx the first mistake I found into HAL was that F1 RCC exported macros were different than F0 RCC exported macros.

F1 RCC exported macros:

F0 RCC exported macros
__GPIOA_CLK_ENABLE() .... (without HAL_RCC)

Will you change this feature in a future version? The actual problem is that it is difficult to create compatible codes between chip families.