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STM32f0 As a slave device with transmit and receive

Question asked by Trash Hammer on Apr 23, 2015
I am attempting to implement slave device on an STM32f0 that has both transmission and receive.  I have looked at the two board solution.  I am able to write to the transmission buffer.  However, I can not get the STM32F0 to act as a slave transmission device.  Each time I attempt a write from a master (Bus Prite in this case) the unit looks like it is attempting transmission, but locks up the line.

Is there an example of the STM32F0 using CPALv2 to both transmit and receive as a slave dedicated device?

I would like to send a i2c write "go command" and then read status of the stm32f0 slave device with a i2c read "get status" command.

Any help is appreciated.