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HardFault with NOCP flag while FPU is enabled

Question asked by EvilMav on Apr 18, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2015 by EvilMav
I can't figure out the cause of the Hard Fault:

Chip: STM32F405RG

Instruction (gcc generated program):
vldr s0, [r4]

r4 contains an address in the main RAM and aligned (0x2....4)
Stepping over it results in a jump to the HardFault handler, CFSR gets NOCP flag set (0xE000ED28 = 0x00080000). According to the memory inspector, CPACR has both CP10 and CP11 set to 0b11.

What have I missed? What can I do? Are there more constrains to the VLDR instructions?

Thank you in advance

VLDR is executed inside the USB_OTG_FS interrupt handler callstack
In FPCCR LSPEN and ASPEN are set, LSPAC is 1 prior to VLDR execution.
HFRDY and THREAD are set after VLDR execution/fault