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STM32F4 Discovery Audio example problem

Question asked by hill.jonathan.001 on Apr 18, 2015

I am trying to run the Audio playback and recording example from the firmware and drivers download package for the STM32F4 discovery. I want to use the audio file stored in the mcus internal flash, and have uncommented what I thought was the neccesary line in main.h as follows:

/* Select the media where the Wave file is stored */
#if !defined (MEDIA_IntFLASH) && !defined (MEDIA_USB_KEY)
 #define MEDIA_IntFLASH /* Wave file stored in internal flash */
 //#define MEDIA_USB_KEY  /* Wave file stored in USB flash */

However, when I debug this program, with breakpoints in both #ifdefs for the IntFlash and MEDIA_USB_KEY sections in main(), the executor only runs to the MEDIA_USB_KEY bit, so for some reason it thinks MEDIA USB KEY is defined instead. Can anyone help me out?