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[STM32F429] If a standalone program running on SRAM can erase MCU Flase?

Question asked by on Apr 17, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2015 by elliott.grant
Hi all,
  I am stuck with an issue about MCU Flash erase. Could you help to instruct me how to solve it?   At first, I run my main application 'AA' at address 0x08000000 and this main program just copy another  image(called 'UU', stored in SPI flash) into SRAM to jump to 'UU'. So at this moment time, 'UU' is running well on SRAM(at address 0x200000000). I wonder if Prgram 'UU' can erase MCU flash(especially, those sectors used by main program 'AA'). In fact, my  program 'UU'  is failed to erase MCU Flash(memory sectors occupied by main program 'AA'). Could you give me some hint or example to solve this trouble issue.
[P.S.] I develop those programs on Keil/MDK for MCU STM32F429. And I am sure program 'UU' (running on SRAM at address 0x20000000) can erase MCU Flash sectors 0 and 1 successfully when entering debug session of Keil/MDK.