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RM0090 published uart baud rates

Question asked by Jimmy on Apr 14, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2015 by Jimmy

I have a stm32f429 discovery board. I am trying to confirm that I can achieve the max baud rates listed in the RM0090 document. I have tried using a pclk of 42 and 84 mhz, with oversampling of 8x and 16x. The code I am using is the hyperterminal dma example for the stm32f429 in the lastet cube firmware package, 1.5, modified to output tx in a loop. This data is sent to my pc, I am using br@y terminal to view the results.  I have had trouble achieving the baud rates listed above 1MBps. So, I am curious how the max baud rates were determined. Is there a test program that I can use to verify these max baud rates? How was the uart setup? Was it using dma, interrupts, fifo and/or synchronous mode(vs. asynchronous)?