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Alternating timer events

Question asked by Luke on Apr 9, 2015
Hey folks,
The answer might be simple and obvious but I just can't quite figure it out. I want to set up two DMA requests triggered by separate timers that are timed to alternate the two requests in a synchronized fashion. Essentially I am trying to read the same memory area with both DMA channels, each taking in turns to transfer its value to different memory regions. I'm just not sure how to sync two timers to generate out of phase requests in this way.

So for example, timer 1 triggers at time 1 and activates DMA ch1, timer 2 triggers at time 2 and activates DMA ch2, timer 1 triggers at time 3 and activates DMA ch1 again, and so on....
The issue is the timers have to generate requests at the same frequency but out of phase. Is there a simple way to accomplish this?