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STM32F401: how to control a TFT display

Question asked by on Apr 8, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2015 by Clive One
Hello everybody, I'm evaluating STM32F401 and other MCU to control a TFT display. There is no need to send pixel data at fixed speed, TFT display has a driver with internal RAM which manages syncs, porchs, pixel clock, etc. MCU has to send images to display, afterwards it can go to sleep. TFT display has 24bit bus width (plus RD, WR, CS...), but only 64K colors are needed, so microcontroller has to send 16 bits/pixel although it is a 24 bits/pixel display. Transfer speed has to be fast to update image display in just some milliseconds. I know STM32F427 is best suited for this application but I need a much cheaper MCU.
I wonder if a DMA channel could be configured to send an image from internal RAM to a 16 bit GPIO, synchronized by a timer that drives WR signal. So the timer drives WR=1 and triggers a DMA transfer, then it drives WR=0 and TFT display reads color data, and so on.
I wonder what will be maximum transfer speed when configuring maximum priority for this DMA channel.
Do you think it will work fine?
Is there a better way to control a TFT with this MCU?
Is there a cheaper (ST) MCU to control a TFT display?

Thank you in advance