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problem in loading the code

Question asked by mohal.mukul on Apr 4, 2015
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I was using cube for programming the stm32f030r8t6 for that there is a option of configuring the clock there I had managed clock by prescalling it to very small values i.e. /512 & /16 now when ever I used to download the code to my stm32f0 board it first shows the warning then after downloading when I used to stop the debugger then it shows error ”debugger cant be stopped this will abort the session”. After clicking on yes it stops the debugger but then after it never download the code into the stm32f0, it shows the error "failed to load flash loader: C:\ProgramFiles\IAR-------Flashloader\ST\flashSTM32F05xx8.h".then after clicking “yes”, It shows the error “fatal error occured”.

Now my two boards are not working with such aproblem. Please help me out. If I am doing something wrong please let me know.