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Trouble with UART Interrupt with IMU

Question asked by Sage on Apr 2, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2015 by Sage
After extracting IMU from the demonstration project (merely leave out USB setting), now I face another issue is that whenever I tried to activate interrupt setting for UARTs, it hangs. (The circular LED_toggle indicating intialization stops at led3). Other various settings like qei, pwm do not clashes with this IMU. Sometimes as timer 6 and 7 are on, this situation occurs too.

I tried printing as usual in while(1), without uart interrupt setting being set, and I can see big difference between with or without IMU setting being initialized. That is the speed of transmission. Obviously, the printing in while (1) is being slowed down tremendously with IMU. But as I commented the IMU_init line, it returned to being fast transmission.

Perhaps there's somewhere wrong in my IMU? But I just can't figure out.. Please help.. Thank you in advance!!