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DCMI vs LTDC - simple Pinout on STM32F429 Discovery

Question asked by Wladimir on Mar 31, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2015 by Wladimir

I have a simple yet hard problem.
As is known, the STM32F429I discovery line has on board mainly ili9341 tft lcd.
The job is to work with OV7670 camera through DCMI and with ili9341 through LTDC. But there is problem with pinout function availibility - mainly the PA4 pin. According to user manual (page 22) PA4 pin is physically connected to "VSYNC" with ili9341 lcd - OK, no problem. But PA4 pin (according to datasheet - page 56) as only one in this packet has there "DCMI_HSYNC" functionality. So this mean that I can't use DCMI controller and on-board ili9341 lcd at the same time? Separately I have communication with both parts but there is problem to work together because of pins conflict. Please give some hints how to overcome this problem..
This is also nice page to consider pinouts of F429xx discovery line.