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STM32 General questions

Question asked by marmsoler.martin on Mar 30, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2015 by Clive One

I try to make a demoboard with a STM32F4 controller but I have some problems: Which pins I need to use the stlink programmer from a nucleo board (swdio, swclk ,... )? I found in the datasheet, that some functions are connected to more than one pin how the usart1_tx. How I can select which pin should be used? On the nucleo I tried to turn on the led but with eclipse it doesn't turned on. When I used the online compiler the led turned on. I think the online compiler inits the microcontroller.
I used this minimalistic code:

RCC->AHB1ENR |= 1;        //enable clock for port A
GPIOA->MODER |= (1<<10);     //port A as output
GPIOA->ODR |= (1<<5);         //Set pin 5

Is there something I forgot to init that it doesn't work?

Thank you.