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ST-Link - Failed to stop the target

Question asked by roofie01 on Mar 26, 2015
I'm using IAR EWARM 7.3. I'm using ST-Link, newest firmware. The target is connected via JTAG. It flashes and seems to run OK - the IWDG is ticking fine without crashing, with RTOS running. I can print using ITM_Sendchar(). The Debugger option is set for "Connect during reset"
After launching the application, there are 2 odd things happening. First, when I try to stop the application (Red X) I get the pop-up dialogue that says "Target is running, Failed to stop the target"
The other is the SWO trace output. Each time I run the debugger, it does not "save" the trace output settings I have to keep checking the boxes for ITM0 output.

Any suggestions? I could not find anything in the forums...