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Migration from Freescale

Question asked by abicash on Mar 25, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2015 by AvaTar

I have been using Freescale 8-bit for all of my projects.
My most used device was MC9S08MP16
It is a feature rich MCU with
8nos 16-bit PWM timers with dead band insertion and complementary & combine channels.
Programmable delay block for automatic ADC triggering.
RTC,ADC,8-bit timer
High speed comparator - 3nos

This device is now mature and there is limited stock henceforth.

I was advised to shift to Kinetis.
Very powerful series with M0/M4 cores and most features i need.

Since this will be a big shift for me, i am exploring other Manufacturers.
STM32 seems to be very lucrative with aggressive pricing.

Can someone suggest any good STM32 part with features i noted above?
Also what is the learning curve , with tools etc and with the IDE?
What kind of support is provided in terms of libraries?

Please guide