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STM32F207 USB HPOST fail after reconnect

Question asked by shamray.aleksand.001 on Mar 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by Dulan D
I found the problem. When I quickly connecting/disconnecting USB device(LS HID mouse)  from STM32F207 USB host FS port the occurs another situation: USB constroller  stop generate host channel and/or port/disconnect interrupts. But SOF interrupts always generates even when device is disconnected!!! It looks like this: I run STMEVAL32F4 board with USB HOST - all works right. If I now start quickly connect and disconnect USB cable,  then after a while USB device is no longer detected. Sometimes it does not generate even connect / disconnect interrupt. The USB HOST can normally work again only after reset. This situation also was founded in standart demo from STM. For example USBH hid mouse.

On the USBH HS with an external PHY all not worked properly. Problem occurs only when using internal FS with PHY.
The board is powered from an external power source 5B.

Someone knows what could be the problem?