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STM32F103 and Gyro ITG3200

Question asked by nguyen.nguyen.003 on Mar 22, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2015 by nguyen.nguyen.003
Dear all,
I am doing a project with the quadcopter. At this time, I can read the data of accelerometer ADXL345 exactly but the gyro sensor ITG3200.
I use I2C to communicate the sensors, and the results of ITG3200 changes over the time 
even it does not move.
This is how I initialize the sensor, with the sampling rate is 100Hz.
writeDevice(0xD0,0x15,0x09);//sample rate divider

writeDevice(0xD0,0x16,0x1B);//DLPF, Full scale

and this is how I read the data
data1 = RI2C(0x1D);
data2 = RI2C(0x1E);
data = (data2<<8)|data1;
Gx = data/14.375/100;
(Gx means the rotation around the x-axis, roll)

And the result is fluctuated a lot.
Could you have some ideas about this problem ?
Thank you so much.
My Skype ID is ngohoainguyen, you can contact to me if necessary.