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STM32F105 / 205 pin interrupt response time

Question asked by jansen.ronald on Mar 21, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by jansen.ronald

For a certain application i need to set an output pin after receiving an intput pin interrupt.
What is the best way to calculate the fastest possible response time?

I assumed following:

1. toggling an input pin will directly trigger the interrupt. The speed of the ABP2 is not a factor here
2. then there is latency from the interrupt until the handler is entered
3. The code will set the pin
4. Then there is latency for the signal to propagate from the core through the APB2 to the output pin

Are these correct, or did I miss something?

Does anyone know where to find the number of cycles between the pin change and the start of exection of the handler code?
Is there a considerable difference between the F105 and the F205? Or is it only in their clock rates?

Thanks in advance.