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STM32F4 TIM2 setup for PWM - solved

Question asked by pavelm on Mar 21, 2015

could anybody help me with settings this timer to work correctly, please?

I use 3 timers, each timer should behave same - same PWM output characteristics (frequency), TIM2, TIM8 and TIM12.

All these timers are little bit different, but TIM2 is probably the most different and I don't know how to make it work correctly.
TIM2 has 32bit resolution while rest have 16bit.

My code for timebase settings is here:

I think that problem is only there. Or do I have to send different values for TIM_SetCompare ?

I think that no, sice only resolution is higher, timer configuration (TIM_Pulse) should be same. Or am I wrong?

I have measured output with osciloscope and I can clearly see, that TIM2 output is much higher frequency and smaller duty. So definitively I have to shift bytes or something like that.

Thank you very much.

UPDATE: Problem solved! Sorry it was an issue in the source code, that during porting to new CPU there were other parts bound to TIM2 and overwriting settings for this part.