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Question asked by PeterLup2 on Mar 20, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2015 by Clive One

I want to configure the DMA to double buffer mode to work with triple adc in interleaved mode. My idea is to process data while getting new samples from the ADCs.

From the examples I've seen I will have no problem configuring the DMA to double buffer. Although my problem is with the processing I have to do when switching the DMA buffers, or in other words, what to do in the TC interrupt.

From the RM0090:
"If the conversion sequence is interrupted (for instance when DMA end of transfer occurs),
the multi-ADC sequencer must be reset by configuring it in independent mode first (bits
DUAL[4:0] = 00000) before reprogramming the interleaved mode."

After reading the text above from the datasheet it is not clear to me the procedure. Should I reprogram all the ADC registers? Or should I only change the values of DUAL? Or should I disable the ADC and set the SWSTART flag again while changing DUAL values?

This question is kind of general to what should be the algorithm to implement after a DMA TC.

At last, I think it is useful to say that I'm kind of lost because this is my first time working with the DMA.

Thanks a lot and all help is appreciated :)