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STM32F407 and LPC1788 "CAN" connection

Question asked by Msba.Mehran on Mar 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2015 by Msba.Mehran
I want to connect STM32f407 CAN to LPC1788 CAN.
I set baudrate to 125000 in STM32 with this spec:
prtCan.Init.SJW = CAN_SJW_1TQ;
prtCan.Init.BS1 = CAN_BS1_13TQ;
prtCan.Init.BS2 = CAN_BS2_2TQ;
prtCan.Init.Prescaler = 21;
and in LPC1788:
//Descriptions: CANx->BTR=(TSEG2<<20)|(TSEG1<<16)|(SJW<<14)|BRP
CAN clock in stm32 is 42MHz and in LPC is 60MHz.
I set both clock to 2MHz with prescale 21 and 30.
I can not communicate between these cores,I send a data [DLC=8] with STM32 to LPC and there is no receive on it and stm32 execution,stop in this line (for internal loop):

Is my configuration true?