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STM32L151C6 SWD issue

Question asked by alharthi.waleed on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by phothiphan.warut.001

I'm facing an issue while trying to program STM32L151C6 using STM32F4 Discovery board as programmer. What I did are the following:

1. I removed CN3 jumpers from STM32F4 Discovery board page 14 in [User Manual][1]
2. I connect NRST, SWDIO, GND, SWCLK, Vdd to my target STM32L151C6 SWD pins except SWO ( I kept it floating)

Pin:number CN2 (STM32L151C6) Pin:1 Vdd Pin:2 SWCLK (PA14) Pin:3 GND Pin:4 SWDIO (PA13) Pin:5 NRST (NRST) Pin:6 SWO (No Contact)

3. I used STM32 ST-Link Utility V2.2.6 to test SWD.

The result is "Cannot connect to ST-Link"

I've attached the schematic for my circuit design.

I really appreciate your prompt help guys to facilitate this issue.