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two STM32 micro USART communication

Question asked by xu.jianchun on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2015 by xu.jianchun
currently in my design, I have two STM32 micro communicate with USART at Baud rate of 115.2k, the trace length is around 1.5inch.
STM32F205 use HSE, external crystal resonator of 50PPM tolerance,
STM32F030 use HSE, external Murata ceramic resonator(0.5% tolerance, 0.2% temperature coefficient, 0.1% aging).
these two micro in same board, and share same VDD/VSS.
Does tolerance of STM32F030 ceramic resonator can meet the 115.2k bps USART communication ?
or what is the tolerance requirement for external clock for USART communication?