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topic to send more than 64 byte topic

Question asked by chang.cheng_huan on Mar 12, 2015
this topic is very usefull.

i got another question. I'm using the same ic STM32F105, and i used STM32F103 before.

I want to output more than 64 byte data in to MPU in sereval time, but the data is in same part.

the code below:

void EP1_OUT_Callback(void)
  __IO uint16_t wEPVal = 0;
  u32 volatile n;

    PMAToUserBufferCopy(&USB_Receive_Buffer[USB_Receive_Length], ENDP1_RXADDR, REPORT_COUNT);

    USB_Receive_Length += 64;
    SetEPRxStatus(ENDP1, EP_RX_VALID);
    // wait for the interrupt
    n = 5333 * 5;

    // check if this is the last packet
    wIstr = _GetISTR();
    if((wIstr & ISTR_CTR) == 0)
        USB_Received_Flag = 1;


but now i can't find USB_ISTR register now, how can i access the H/W Flag to check ISTR?