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Embedded Project Information into a DFU file and boot image

Question asked by madinger.noah.002 on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2015 by Clive One
First my plan

I am using the STM32F411, and I am designing a custom boot loader specific to my application.  This boot loader will first of all scan the internal flash memory beginning at address 0x0800C000 for 256 bytes (from 0x0800C000 - 0x0800C0FF).  I plan on putting project-specific information into this location such as firmware revision, CRC, etc.  If a valid firmware image is found, the boot loader will then read from an external non-volatile memory location (XNVMEM).  If a more recent boot image is found in the XNVMEM, the boot loader will begin programming the flash beginning at address 0x0800C000, otherwise the current application will be used.  If neither the flash, nor the XNVMEM have a valid image, the boot loader will kick off the DFU application and wait for an image to be loaded via USB.

My Questions

In short, is there a way for me to put up to 256 bytes of project specific information into the DFU file?  I really want to have some validation string such as: "This is my project ", the firmware revision number "X.XX" and some other useful things.  

My second question is, can I jump into the application at address 0x0800C100?  This is where the application program will begin, if I'm able to reserve 256 bytes of project information safe.  Is this valid?

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