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How to set up the IWDG with multiple applications

Question asked by deschambault.robert on Mar 10, 2015

I am running a boot loader and main application on an STM32F429.  I am just getting to know how to use the ST Cube v1.4 and I have the following question:

I have set up the IWDG in the boot loader and I wanted to know what code has to be done in the main app to reconfigure the prescalar and reload values.  Do I have to call the HAL_IWDG_Init() function again and then call the HAL_IWDG_Start() again in the main app?  I know that when the watchdog is running, I have to do a check on the IWDG_FLAG_RVU AND IWDG_FLAG_PVU to make sure they are not set when changing these values.  I am assuming that the HAL_IWDG_Msp_Init() call is the place to do the check.  Does this sound right?