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Details Required for STM32W108 ADC External Voltage Reference

Question asked by segal.ron on Mar 9, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by Clive One
We are working on a commercial project making use of some STM32W108 modules, using the old HAL library (Not CMSIS) with Contiki.

The ADC needs to be configured to use an external voltage reference. The STM32W108 data sheet says:

"The ADC voltage reference (VREF), may be internally generated or externally sourced from
PB0.To use an external reference, an ST system function must be called after reset and after waking from deep sleep. PB0 must also be configured in analog mode using GPIO_PBCFGH[3:0]. See the STM32W108 HAL documentation for more information on the system functions required to use an external reference."

We don't seem to be able to find the appropriate HAL documentation with this information (unclear if it is available with the advent of the newer CMSIS compatible standard peripheral libraries).  Be hugely grateful if somebody could provide the relevant information about the system function that must be called.   Best Wishes, Ron