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CMOS Schematics+DCMI+STM32F4xx

Question asked by maskey.abhas on Mar 7, 2015
Hi guys,
I need some help understanding a schematic of a cmos image sensor module we are going to purchase due time. The issue is that we have been testing out with a 8bit DCMI using a stm32f429 for previous modules but this doesn't seem to have the outlets for the data pins.


That's the sensor module and the related connections. I need to know whether the schematic shows a pin outlet for the PD[0:7] and the rest of the pins required for DCMI

This is another portion of the schematic:
The confusion I have now is that i see that PD0 and PD1 have outputs but the rest don't seem to have an output to be connected to the external processor. Could you please just clarify this?

Much appreciated!