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stm32f407vgt temperature

Question asked by armoun.mohamad on Mar 6, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2015 by Clive One
hi every body.

recently i designed a board using stm32f4vgt6 , before that i tried my code on stm32f4 discovery board,

when i solder micro entirely , and deploy my code on it , micro becomes more warmer than discovery's micro(about 2 or 3 °c) e.g. in my micro it's 34°c and in discovery is 31°c 

i dedicate a regulator (5 to 3.3) specially for micro .
interesting thing for me is that this temp is not same and steady in entire micro e.g. around pin 1 it's 31 around pin 26 it's 34 and ...

is this informal ?? what can affect raising temperature (capacitors or track width or ....)??
what is the allowable maximum temperature in running mode for this kind of micros ??

any information would be great .
thanks in advance