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STM32F105 based Mass Storage : SD Card Reading Issue

Question asked by holey.gaurav on Mar 5, 2015
Dear All,

This is Gaurav. I have implemented a STM32F105 based Mass Storage Device wherein I am facing difficulty in Reading Files>2MB from SD Card to PC/Laptop.

I have tested with 2 SD Card : Team  and Transcend (2GB each). I found no difficulty while copying file from Transcend SD Card used in My Mass Storage Device but if I use Team SD Card, I am not able to copy the files more than 2 MB with consistency.

After investigating, I found that my Team SD Card , after Sending Read Command (cmd 17) in "ReadMultiBlock" routine fails to get response. hence it hangs during the data transfer need your help at the earliest.

Thanking you all in anticipation.

Best Regards,
Gaurav Holey